When it comes to skincare it is easy to believe that you need to spend more in order to get better results and that isn't necessarily true. I am guilty of believing this at points too - with the help of social media it can seem like the bigger the price tag the better it is for the skin, otherwise what else are you paying for?

If you told me I could buy a full skincare routine in Primark for under £20, even under £10 if you were on a budget - let's just say I wouldn't believe you in the slightest or the first thing that would come to mind would probably be 'it's going to be no good for my skin'. WRONG. A week or so ago I ran out of my holy grail Kiehl's moisturiser & my skin was having a hard time with hormones so I figured it would be the perfect time for me to try the products. 

Primark have seriously upped their game when it comes to anything beauty, their make up and skincare selection is huuuuuuge. As my skin wasn't in it's best state I thought i'd go all out and get a full routine - what's the worst that could've happened, a few breakouts maybe? I treated myself to: a cleanser, eye makeup remover, a few sheet masks, reusable make up cloths, make up wipes and a moisturiser. The only things I didn't manage to get my hands on were a facial scrub or a toner which was a little disappointing but my local Primark doesn't always have the full selection so I'm sure they're available in other stores.

Gentle Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Remover £0.90
If an eye makeup remover doesn't have two parts to it then i'm never convinced it will get all my mascara off without me having to tug at my eyes and cause premature ageing. If you don't know what I mean by two parts - it's basically a product made up of both an oil and a water part and you shake the product to activate it. As you can see from the header this product literally cost 90p, which is just craziness right? I mean yes it is a travel size one but that price is impossible to say no to. I simply applied a small amount onto one of the make up remover clothes or a cotton pad and I held it over my closed eye without tugging or rubbing at the make up, after about 20 seconds when I removed the cloth a large percentage of my mascara went with it. There was no irritation around my eye whatsoever and it contains Vitamin E so it's a really comfortable product to use.

Sheet Masks £0.80
Sheet masks are something in the skincare world that are very often over priced so I never waste my money, I believe in the drugstore they tend to be around £3-4 which for one use is just not worth it in my opinion. The Primark masks start from 80p and there are so many different ones for all skin types. I picked up the Hydrate and the Glow masks as these were the most appealing to me and they're biodegradable which is an added bonus. There is a lot of product on the sheet mask so they can get a little messy but no more than normal for a sheet mask so afterwards I just rubbed what I could into the skin and removed any excess. My skin was left silky smooth and exactly as it said on the packet so for 80p i'm definitely going to stock up.

Reusable Makeup Cloths £2.50 for 3 (Grey, White & Pink)
'Just add water' they say, 'it will remove all traces of make up' they say and they're not wrong! I have always been so intrigued by the concept of just adding some water onto a soft cloth to remove make up but I can't say I thought it would actually work. I couldn't have been more wrong - I haven't tested them just yet with a full face but on my everyday make up they work a treat, it's like wiping your face with silk. After trying it out I went over my face with a cotton pad and some micellar water and literally nothing... was on the pad, my face was entirely clean. You get three in a packet so I have been washing mine in the washing machine as and when I need to and they come out softer than ever. 

H2OHH Micellar Wipes £1 for a 2 pack
I haven't used make up wipes for a very long time but I saw biodegradable and enriched with rose water so I had to get them. A lot of make up wipes can be extremely dry and just not very effective when it comes to actually getting make up off my face so I didn't have the highest of hopes but I was actually pleasantly surprised as these had a decent amount of micellar water on them. Make up wipes are always handy to have and at £1 for 2 packs, it's a no-brainer.

Balm to Oil Cleanser £3.00
This is actually my second time purchasing this but I had to include it because it's such a lovely product. If you like balm to oil products that literally melt your make up away with no real effort needed then you will love this. It's an extremely soft texture so it glides over the skin, you need the smallest amount and it gets to work instantly. It's also part of their naturals range which is cruelty free, vegan and made of 95%  naturally derived ingredients. It has a very light and gentle scent to it so I can imagine it works well on sensitive skin as well as all other skin types.

Daily Moisturiser £3.00
This is the culprit that lead to this entire haul and I've saved the best until last. Another one of the PS Naturals collection has changed the game, with Coconut Water and Australian Kakadu Plum this moisturiser leaves the skin feeling extremely soft and hydrated. It is a lot thicker than I was originally expecting and it has a very light but fresh scent so you only need a very small amount otherwise it can leave that white look to the skin (you know the one when you put too much sun cream on). It does stay tacky for a minute or so but then it does completely absorb into the skin. I'm certainly in no rush to spend £30 on a new moisturiser when I have the choice of this one.