I doubt i'm alone when I say - if there is one thing that tests my patience it is applying false lashes.

Magnetic lashes have taken over social media and totally changed the game. They are so quick and easy to use, yet still look effortlessly beautiful. If you struggle with lash application or even if you have got it down to a T, you need a pair of these in your life.

When I say they are easy to make perfect, I mean incredibly easy and this is exactly how to do it:

How to apply Ardell Magnetic Lashes:

1. Apply a layer of the gel liner along your lash line and allow to dry
2. Go in with a second layer of the gel liner - this time whilst it is slightly damp still...
3. Grab the lash and place over your natural lashes so they sit comfortably where the liner is
4. If you don't like how they have initially attached then you are able to pull them away from the liner and re-position them
5. Slightly press down on the lashes to make sure they are totally secure & then repeat on the other eye.

How to remove Ardell Magnetic Lashes:

When it comes to removing them you will find that although they are still secure you can gently pull them away without pulling on the skin. They do recommend using an oil based cleanser but I find that micellar water works just fine.

If these sound like the dream to you then you can get yours here, they retail at £14.99 for the pair but with the amount of uses you get out of the kit it is totally worth it!

*This post contains gifted items but all opinions are 100% my own*