23 February
If I had to choose between putting a face of make up on and snoozing my alarm... I'm going with the extra time in bed no matter what day it is. Monday to Friday at work I don't like to wear anything heavy on my skin to just be sat in the office and Laura Mercier totally has my back on this as these two products allow me to still look put together and fresh faced with minimal effort.

I like to apply both products with my hands just as I would a moisturiser starting with the Hydrating Primer. I love to use this product every single morning even if I'm not putting anything on top, a small amount of this leaves the skin incredibly hydrated and it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy at all it simply absorbs into the skin. It contains vitamins A,C & E to condition and protect the skin. I believe they have just bought out 5 new formula's for their primers so i'm not sure that this exact one is still available - but i'm sure the new ones are just as beautiful on the skin.

As the tinted moisturiser is such light coverage it just blends seamlessly with the warmth from my hands. I think if you were desperate to build coverage with this product you probably could but it would involve a lot of it. It's perfect for covering any redness and just adding a little colour into the skin whilst evening out skin tone. It is an incredibly comfortable product to wear all day long as it is so light on the skin and refreshing. As it is a tinted moisturiser it doesn't cover imperfections so if I do have a blemish or two I will go in with concealer over the top but literally only to the blemish as I don't like to take away from the results of the tinted moisturiser. I use shade Cameo in this product, however there are 20 different shades to choose from.

These two products leave the skin naturally glowing and healthy, I am totally in love. I will leave a link to them both here.