29 January
With our skin being our bodies largest organ - let's just say it's a commitment. our skin has it's own individual needs and if you ignore that, chances are it's going to lash out at you for it. When I think back to the days I was in school and I would literally clean my skin with a make up wipe and I would get so frustrated/upset and ask myself why is my skin so bad? when really it was my own fault. Over the years I have tried multiple skin products & tools, I have listened to peoples recommendations even when they have an entirely different skin type to me and I've regretted nearly every purchase. I can safely say now in 2020 I have a set routine of products that work for me and my skin is the best it has ever been. I wanted to share these products/tools with you so hopefully you too can be one step closer to your perfect skin routine.

If there is one thing that has changed the game for me the most it is Foreo. I have literally only owned this for a month and within the first few days there were visible results in my skin - it was glowing. I tend to use my Foreo Luna Mini 2 in the evenings with the Ole Henrikson Truth Juice. It isn't the cheapest - I believe this one is £99, but the results are worth every penny. You can use it in the morning or evening, in the shower, they are travel friendly and you get around 300 uses each time it is charged which is crazy. I always make sure my make up is removed before using my Foreo as it cleans deep into your pores and I don't like the idea that any make up could be pushed in.

After years of watching Jamie Genevieve talk about how Ole Henrikson has changed her skin I finally took the plunge this year and I am so glad I did. Again I haven't been using these products very long at all but the results are just incredible. I have always found that cleansers I've tried in the past either dry the skin too much or don't clean it enough and the formula is generally not what my skin likes. My skin has never felt cleaner than with this product and you literally need the tiniest amount to remove a full face of make up even waterproof eyes. In the mornings I like to use this cleanser on its own and just use a face cloth with water to remove it. If I am using this product with the Foreo in the evening I will actually use this cleanser as the second part to my skin routine as the 'deep clean' and take my make up off with another product mentioned later on in this post.

Sticking on the subject of Ole Henrikson - the Dark Spot Toner is another amazing product. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly clean and comfortable but you can also feel it working (it almost makes the skin tingle for just a second). I will warn you if you have an open blemish or any sore areas on the face it does sting a little but again it stops after a second. This product is great for evening out skin tone and texture.

On the very rare occasion that I actually make an effort with my appearance and I have make up to remove I will always reach for the Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter as it literally melts everything away and as it's for sensitive skin it is a very gentle but effective product.

On April 17th 2019 I posted about this moisturiser and nearly a year on I am still absolutely loving it. The Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. If you would like to read in depth about this moisturiser you can read about it here. It's lightweight but also leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated.

Eye cream is something I have promised myself I will get into this year and so far so good. I have been loving the Clinique All About Eyes as it's a gel-like cream so it absorbs nice and quickly but is also very cooling under the eyes. It's a very hydrating cream and anything to keep those fine lines at bay - i'm sold.

I have a pretty tricky skin type to keep under control as I can suffer from break outs and oily skin but also dry and sensitive skin so I would highly recommend the above products if you are in need of a skin care saviour.

What are your holy grail skin care products?