No matter what the weather, your mood, your skin condition - there is always a face mask to pick you up and get your skin feeling refreshed. Whether you're going on a flight, having a pamper at home or having some skin technical difficulties, this post has got you covered.

I am the type of person to use a face mask in order to feel like my life is back on track, I've got my sh*t together and i'm ready to go (or sleep, depending on the mask & situation). A bad mood may not completely vanish but it at least makes you feel a little better knowing how glowy and good your skin looks on the outside.

One thing that i'm trying hard to incorporate into my life is skin care on the go. I see so many beauty influencers with their sheet masks on the plane and I am a forgetful person at the best of times so when i'm stressing about a flight my skin usually isn't the number one priority when it comes to packing. When you're in the air and surrounded by air con, your skin is going to be DYING for a drink/pick me up so a sheet/eye mask is the perfect solution.

Before any face mask at home always be sure to wash your skin - my current favourite way to do this is using a Face Halo as it's really quick and easy & leaves no dirt behind. You don't want any rubbish on the surface of the skin being moved into your pores.

If ever my skin is going through a rough patch, whether that's blemish wise or dry and uncomfortable my number one step would be a face mask. Over the past few years I have been through so many products and masks trying to find ones that actually make a noticeable difference & don't actually make my skin worse due to too much perfume or unfriendly ingredients. I would highly recommend purchasing a mask brush or even just a cheap foundation brush to apply the product purely to avoid any dirt from your fingers getting into your pores.

Blemishes aren't anyone's friend and a product I love to use when my skin is struggling is the L'Oreal Blemish Rescue Mask and I love this because for me it's a multi-use product. It's a face mask but I also use it as an over night spot treatment by simply dotting it onto a more aggressive spot and letting it works it's magic through the night and by morning the spot is always noticeably smaller.

Uncomfortable skin is the worst and now it's a lot colder outside, for my skin this is an issue! Whether it's caused by the weather or a slightly too abrasive exfoliating product, my absolute favourite cooling mask is the Aloe Vera one from Vichy. It is so refreshing and instantly makes the skin happier. If you're feeling particularly boujee - going over this mask with a rose quartz face roller  feels delightful as it adds to the cooling affect and helps to stimulate the skin.

If you're quite lucky and don't have too many problems with your skin and just like a face mask as a bit of a treat then the Glam Glow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment is a god send! I like to use this mask weekly as it really does give the skin exactly what it needs (although this one is a little pricey - it is totally worth it)

What is your favourite face mask?