One step closer to skin Kylie? Yes please. I have never found a moisturiser that has really settled with my skin and that actually feels more beneficial than it does problematic, until I tried this moisturiser and I can totally see why Ariel Trejada (otherwise known as @makeupbyariel) recommends this one after La Mer. Of course we don't all have a Kardashian bank account so when I saw how reasonably priced Kiehl's was for such a gorgeous product I was so surprised.

In the past I have always been drawn to gel moisturisers as my skin can get quite oily but I didn't realise until recently how dry parts of my face can be and a gel formula just doesn't do anything. I was a little nervous about trying this moisturiser on my skin as it's a cream but when I tried it on my hand the skin instantly felt so much more hydrated and soft so I just took the plunge - I am SOOO happy I did. 

Kiehl's have definitely achieved the 'suitable for all skin types' with this moisturiser as it is a really light but nourishing formula but also doesn't feel overly oily or over nourish the skin and doesn't break me out. I'm talking feather soft skin after literally one application, it is my favourite part of my skincare routine as it makes my skin beautifully dewy but not greasy.

When I picked this moisturiser up I had also run out of my toner so I think this was a blessing in disguise as the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner is beautiful too. It's unlike any other toner I've tried as it's more of a milk formula which I love as it doesn't feel drying in the slightest, yet your skin is left feeling so clean. If you're in the market for it I would 100% recommend this product too.

I have been using this moisturiser for a couple of months now and my skin is so much better for it and yet there is still so much product left - for £26 for 125ml I think it is so worth it. If you're like me and want to trial it first there is a smaller bottle (75ml) available and then once you're hooked like I am (because I guarantee you will be) there is a 250ml available too.

You can get it here if you're interested (you will thank me)