If anyone has that 'dewy, glowing skin' look down to a T it is Imogen and I decided it was time for me to see if her products really are the reason for this. In case you're wondering who i'm talking about - Imogenation is Imogen Hudson, a beauty influencer with thousands of followers across her social media so it's no wonder her dewy skin is in demand. Imogen has bought out two brand collaborations, one with Revolution and the other with Lottie London - not only that she also has her very own eyelash brand 'Hunny Cosmetics' and I have tried/reviewed them all in this post.

Imogen X Revolution was the first collaboration she bought out and i'm not sure why it's taken me so long to pick this eye shadow palette up as it is pretty much all colours I wear on a regular basis and the pan's for the transition shades are so much bigger then the others which I love as they always run out so quickly in other palettes. Imogen herself always sticks to warm toned eye shadows as that's what suits her and I'm the exact same so I personally adore the shade range. The pigmentation of these shadows actually shocked me, there was a lot more colour pay off than i'd expected and they blended really easily. For £10 this is definitely a palette you should pick up if warm tones are your thing and you're looking for something affordable because it is honestly so pretty.

Hunny Cosmetics was her next release and this was one that I was in a battle with myself over whether I needed it or not and for so long I decided not. I am quite lucky to have quite long lashes naturally so when it comes to eyelashes I have to be quite specific because I need them long but I also like them wispy and that can be surprisingly difficult to find with lashes. Vlog after vlog I saw Imogen wearing her lashes and they always looked gorgeous whether it was with minimal make up or a full face so I went ahead and picked some up. I picked up the 'Princess Pie' and I will be picking up so many more pairs - I am in love. This style lash is long and wispy and exactly what I was looking for. They are really comfortable on the eye which I hadn't expected as they are 100% vegan Faux Mink so I originally thought they would be very plastic and scratchy but I was completely wrong. At £10 a pair they are a little pricey but they claim they can be re-used up to 20 times and if that is true then i'd say that's a totally fair price.

Imogen X Lottie London ' Ultra Glow Collection' - I mean, the name had me sold. If these products are going to get me closer to being as glowy as Imogen then I'll take it all. I really did purchase nearly all of it and i'm so glad, these products are so pretty yet so affordable. I have never been a cream highlight kinda girl but Imogen always makes it look so easy and flawless. The cream highlighter palette I prefer to use under my foundation as I get quite oily throughout the day so I tend to set my face and i'm just a little worried it wont sit nicely on top of powder. 3 out of 4 shades are actually pink toned which is perfect for my skin tone so I actually really like this palette as it helps to achieve the more natural 'from within' glow.

As well as the liquid highlighters I picked up the lighter shade of her loose highlighter as I don't actually own any other loose ones. I have only ever tried one in the past which actually put me off as it was a 'no going back' type of highlighter and I found it really difficult to get on with - you know the ones I mean, when you literally apply the tiniest amount and it's like a headlight is shining out of your cheek. Imogen's however is a lot easier to work with, it's build-able and a beautiful colour so you can achieve a highlight as intense as you'd like it.

The last two products I picked up were the Creme Eye-shadow in Cant Cope and the Gloss'd in Bee. Out of all of her collaborations and products these two are my least favourite, still pretty just not as impressive. The creme eye-shadow is a stunning colour and looks pretty on the eyes, you just need a little patience to get a good amount of product onto the applicator - I found no amount of swirling it around the tube made any difference I just had to keep dipping and build it up. The gloss is also a pretty product and it smells lovely - I just wasn't wow'd, but then with a £5 price tag I'm probably being a little too critical.