If you'd put a colourful eye palette in front of me a year ago I would've passed it right back as there was no way I believed I could create such a colourful look so easily. When it comes to eye make up I always thought the best way to create a seamless look was to start with the more natural shades and gradually build up and don't get me wrong this works but over the past few months I have stepped out of my comfort zone a little and tried much bolder eye looks and my old shadow habits just don't give the outcome I was trying to achieve. Instead after watching a few tutorials I have switched up my eye shadow application to starting off BOLD and the outcome is so much more colourful and intense.

(products photographed were used to create the rest of the make up look along with a few others which are tagged in my insta post for this look)

SHOCK it's another look using the Morphe 35B palette, but i'm obsessed. I thought I would share with you a start-finish step by step on how to layer beautiful coloured shadows easily in a way that doesn't take up a lot of time.

To start you want to apply the boldest colour you're going to be using and in my case this was red and pack this colour into your crease using quite a small and dense:

Then you want to apply a colour that will blend nicely with the shade you've already applied so it'll appear more seamless, in my case this was orange. Again pack on the shade but at the same time you want to blend it in small circular motions without going too far up the eyelid with a still a small but slightly fluffier brush:

I like to stick to just 3 shades when blending upwards so finally I picked up a yellow on a slightly bigger fluffier brush as this is a colour that is easier to use as a transition to the colour of my skin, of course you can use any shade you like just be sure to blend, blend, blend:

At this point I like to cut the crease as this gives me a fresh palette to work on on my eyelid. I like to do this with a concealer - I tap a small amount into the centre of my lid using a flat brush and open my eye until it touches my crease. As you can see from the below photo this gives me an out line for exactly where to cut my crease:

Once you have used a flat brush to go along the line of your crease, apply the concealer over the lid to about 3/4 of the way across and set with a light, matte and almost white shadow:

Now it is time to apply the 3 shades across your lid in a 'rainbow' like affect, start with the boldest shadow again as this will lead off from the shadow you've already applied. Then go in with the same shadow you blended from this on the lid, finally followed by the yellow/lighter shade you have used and pack it on the rest of the 'blank canvas':

On the lightest shade I like to apply a shimmer to make it stand out a little bit more so in this case I used the yellow shimmer and just packed this onto the yellow shadow using my finger. I then just grabbed a small amount of cleanser on a folded cotton pad and used this to tidy the edge into more of a wing:

To finish the look I applied the rest of my face make up before blending the bold shade across my lower lash line. You don't need to add any glitter but I couldn't help myself - if you wish to you can use a tiny amount of eyelash glue and tap it onto your desired glitter area before pressing on the glitter itself:

The only other thing to do is to add your lashes/mascara and VOILA.

I really hope you found this helpful and i'd love to know if you try out this look.