Faux freckles are totally a thing at the moment and I am all for them. Holiday skin is my absolute favourite - thanks to good old vitamin D, the freckles are in full force. In England however there just isn't enough sun to give my skin real freckles so I like to fake it on the odd occasion. It's a lot easier to make faux freckles look more natural than you probably think and I'm going to show you how in just 3 simple steps.

You can add faux freckles at any point after your base make up is done, I personally prefer to do them towards the beginning as the base hasn't had as long to set so they sit more naturally but you can do them as the last step, they're so easily corrected. All you need is either a thin brow pencil or brow pomade and a teeny little detail brush - I tend to use a pencil. I grab my HD Brow 'Browtec' in Vamp which is a dark brown and literally just start dotting them around my nose area and a few on my forehead just to bring them together as this is the main area real freckles tend to appear on my face.

With this brow pencil the pay off isn't too harsh if you use a light hand so I then just go in with my ring finger (as this is the finger which applies the least pressure) and pat them into the base products - I just continue to do this until I am happy with how they look.

Finally I go over them very lightly with the beauty blender I used to do my concealer just to make them look more natural and as if the foundation is sitting on top of the freckles like it would if they were natural.

Ta daaaa