Back in 2016 my go-to full coverage foundation for a long time was the Hourglass Vanish STICK Foundation which I did post a full review on here, however as the months got colder and my skin got slightly paler the colour I was matched with for this foundation just didn't work for me anymore and it started to edge towards the back of my drawer and hasn't moved since. When I saw that Hourglass had bought out a liquid version I had to pick it up when I passed the stand in Liberty's. Hourglass describe the foundation like so - "This innovative, weightless formula is the future of foundation – just half a pump is all you need to achieve complexion perfection. Coated pigments offer smooth, second-skin, long-wearing application without drying out skin – eliminating the need for primer – while light-refracting micro-spheres blur imperfections for a soft-focus finish." They weren't wrong, it really is luxurious. 

I'm the type of girl that will use primer on the daily as my t-zone can get quite oily and my pores are pretty visible, so when the lady told me I shouldn't alongside this product I was really intrigued to see how it would work on my skin. I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of this foundation, my pores were less visible, my skin was fairly matte and the coverage was impressive from the small amount I used. They recommend that you only need half a pump for your whole face, this is one thing I don't believe as it took one pump to create a medium coverage base.

Although they say no primer is needed you do need to make sure your skin is well moisturised as it can cling to any dry patches if not. I know I said I get an oily t-zone however my cheeks can get quite dry so I have been applying Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer as it's almost like a second moisturiser to me because it is full of vitamins and this foundation doesn't cling to it as it's so lightweight.

The first time wearing this I set the foundation with my everyday pressed powder which still left a flawless finish, however after a couple of hours the area around my nose really started to crease and move away so the foundation started to look a little patchy. I didn't make this mistake the 2nd time - this time I took a loose powder and pressed it into the small creases around my nose and also my smile lines and left it there for a few minutes to ensure it was completely set. I thought this may start to make the foundation cakey but I was completely wrong - the wear test the second time around was a complete success and I have been wearing this foundation every time I have worn make up.


The Foundation Alone:

With Products On Top:

Let's not forget to mention how gorgeous the packaging is. It is so elegant and looks super expensive - which it is - this is the one downside, the price tag. This foundation retails for £51 a bottle which is kind of ridiculous when you think that it's just a foundation but when you take into consideration the quality of the product along with the fact that you don't need a primer with it, you're essentially getting the two products in one. This made me feel less guilty about purchasing it, although my bank balance didn't thank me regardless. Let's just say I hope this foundation lasts me the 18 months the lady advised me it would.

You can pick this foundation up here.

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