When I heard the name Alex Steinherr I think Glamour Magazine and although she is no longer with Glamour the one thing that stands out in my head is the fact that this lady KNOWS skin care. I think a lot of people would say the same thing and you know that through the fact that it sold out literally within a few hours in some stores. Skincare can be pretty overwhelming and in some cases really expensive and it doesn't necessarily need to be that way and Alex has shown this through her collaboration with Primark - not only are they delightful and affordable they're also cruelty free.

Like I said skincare can be overwhelming and when it comes to my skin I find it pretty difficult to find products that don't break me out or that I find a genuine benefit from so I only picked up 4 products but now i'm wishing i'd bought the whole stand. I thought the best way for me to see if this skincare range works for my skin would to be to cover all bases - a cleanser, an eye cream, a sheet mask and the blemish stickers.

On my social media it is very rare that you will see me fresh faced but if i'm completely honest 90% of the time I am only wearing mascara, if that and so I was really hoping for a gentle cleanser that wouldn't break me out or dry my skin, it would simply leave my skin feeling fresh and remove any excess dirt my skin has picked up throughout the day. Alex's cleanser does just that and I now use this morning and evening - when I'm not wearing a lot of make up anyway. Although it will remove make up i'm not sure it is designed for a lot as I did find when I used it to remove heavier make up it required a few more cotton pads than the usual micellar water I use. This cleanser is really refreshing so first thing in the morning it is a dream and at £5 you really can't go wrong.

Secondly I picked up the Sleep Spa Every Night Eye Mask and I think this one might actually be my favourite. For this one I was intrigued by Alex's tip on the side of the box ' I developed this for myself to look less exhausted by morning! I wanted a light yet deeply hydrating and puff-reducing eye treatment. and it delivers!' - this is what sold me on this product - we all want to look less tired right? and Alex is someone who always looks so fresh faced and awake regardless of her busy schedule. As you can see from the name of this product it is one to be used at night time so it can work its magic. I'm not sure if its because I am guilty of never using an eye cream so it's a bit of a shock to my under eyes and they're absorbing everything I give to them but this eye cream leaves my under eyes incredibly hydrated and with this I look more awake - along with a gallon of coffee to make me feel it too. It is a gel formula that instantly absorbs into the skin and if you pop it in the fridge after you have used it at night to then re-apply in the morning it makes a real difference to the puffiness. At £4 i'm happy to stick with this product in my skincare routine.

Blemish patches - something I've always been sceptical about. With a £3 price tag I was sure these wouldn't do a thing when it came to a blemish but Alex has proved me wrong. They're not the most incredible patches in the world, my blemishes don't 100% disappear over night but i'm not sure this magic exists in any skin care range. I applied these to a blemish that was nearly healed and a slightly more angry blemish which was beginning to mark its territory - the nearly healed one it didn't do anything for, however the angrier blemish was a lot less angry, the redness had gone and the bump was reduced. Not bad for a Primark price tag ay?

I have never been the biggest fan of sheet masks as I always find them too slimey, they leave too much product on the skin which can leads to breakouts for me and they're inconvenient when you are mid pamper and you fancy a sip of your tea - i'm sure you can relate. The Power Mask from the Pump & Glow range which claims to be 'an intense re-plumping dose of hydration' just sounded too good to pass, so I gave it a go. It has 2 steps to this mask so in my mind it was a liquid in one section and a perhaps a drier sheet than normal for you to apply your desired amount, I was wrong. After applying the step one liquid onto my skin I opened the sheet step to find even more liquid on the mask and if i'm honest I made a bit of a mess on my side because of this. I left it on my skin for around 15-20 minutes before removing it and although it says to leave the excess liquid on your skin and massage in, there was so much it just wasn't possible for me. Instead I took a cotton pad and wiped off the majority before massaging the tiny bit i'd left into my skin. My skin felt nice afterwards but the next morning WOW my skin has never felt so soft and hydrated, the small mess was 100% worth it and no breakouts occurred so I will definitely be picking up a few more of these. Again a complete bargain for such impressive results at £3.

I am desperate to try the Pollution Solution Exfoliating Pads and the Sleeping Mask, have you tried any of her skincare line? If so i'd love to hear which products you would recommend.