If you're looking for a dramatic but also soft eye make up look then a halo eye is my go to. They're a lot easier than they look and this post is going to be a step by step on how to achieve one.

First of all - prime the eyelids to create a blank canvas.

Then you want to add a transition shade that is going to ensure your darker shades blend easily.

You want to now pack your darkest shade into the crease as well as the outer and inner thirds of the lid and then blend so the transition is smooth.

I then like to cut the crease with the same product I used to prime my eyelids on a flat brush.

Depending on the colours you're using to create your halo eye you want to then add your shimmer or lightest shade to the centre of the eyelid to create the halo effect.

To finish the look I go back in with the darkest shade just to neaten up where the light shade meets the dark.

I then repeat the same deep shade on the outer thirds and lighter on the centre under the eye so it looks seamless before then going onto add lashes and mascara.



When people say their hair is too frizzy and un-tameable - they haven't seen anything until they've seen my natural hair. It would honestly shock you the amount of volume/frizz to my hair when it's freshly washed and straightening it has always been such a chore. NOT ANYMORE, the GHD Glide has changed the game. Because it's a brush I was so sure it would do barely anything except maybe take it from lions mane to the normal size of frizzy hair but it is so quick and easy to tame my hair.

It claims to be the best on second day hair but one or two brushes through each section straight after freshly washing and drying my hair is honestly enough to get it straight, it's not the slick dead straight that you would achieve by going over and over it with straighteners but it's very much tamed and presentable.


With it being a brush you save the time of having to comb the hair and then go over with straighteners so it's a lot more time efficient than my regular straighteners. I simply section the hair and relatively slowly slide the brush from the roots to the ends making sure the hair stays at the base of the brush to maximise the results.


The answer is yes, it can tame the un-tameable and if you have overly frizzy hair like me then it will be the best money you ever spend. You can pick it up here.



I'm not the only one who has wandered into Superdrug purely just for Micellar Water, Deodorant, Cotton Pads... You know all the necessary items and walking out with a whole bag of new make up to try, right? Well this might've happened again, woops.

After about 5 minutes of me wandering up the make up aisle I found myself with a basket... and from there I knew where this was headed. After a mini pep-talk and a spontaneous 'treat yourself' mood I decided to set myself a challenge - treat yourself but don't break the bank, I bought a whole face of make up products for under £10 each and I am going to spill the tea in this post as I cannot get enough of them.

I think a lot of people associate the price of the product with how well it is going to work and that couldn't be further from the truth - yes there are some beautiful products that cost slightly more and are 100% worth it but I think we can all agree on the fact that the drugstores have seriously upped their game on new releases and keeping their products affordable yet good quality. I managed to get my hands on every product needed for a full face all without breaking the bank.

Products purchased:

ELF Tone Adjusting Face Primer in Lavender £7.50 - I will start by saying if you don't enjoy a silicone feel primer then this one is not for you. I am one of those people so this wasn't my favourite product of them all, however this primer did leave my skin feeling very silky. I would recommend leaving this product to set on the skin for about 60 seconds before going in with foundation as initially it feels almost greasy and I can imagine foundation wouldn't sit nicely but after washing my hands and feeling how it was on my skin, the greasy/silicone feel had gone and just left my skin smooth and ready for foundation. In terms of brightening this product doesn't do a lot for my skin but if you're looking for a cheap smoothing primer the make up sat nicely on top of this one.

L'OREAL Infallible Magic Essence Drops £9.99 - I did already have a primer in my basket and I was really keen to try ELF for the first time however I just couldn't leave this on the shelf. Without turning you into a Smurf this primer feels really lovely on the skin. It's a water-like texture leaves the skin feeling very hydrated and absorbs straight away so you can get on with the rest of your make up instantly. Personally this one is my favourite out of the two.

MAKE UP REVOLUTION Conceal & Define Foundation and Concealer £9 & £4 - If you haven't seen anything about this duo then where have you been? I think around 99% of the make up community has tried this foundation and I was the 1% who hadn't but couldn't wait to try it. The concealer is my go-to, I have re-purchased this over and over again and will continue to do so. The concealer is quite full coverage so initially I wondered whether the foundation would be slightly cakey/too full coverage compared to what I like but I have worn it every day since so I think that speaks for itself. It's not too matte, it's not too dewy and it doesn't cake or go gross throughout the day.

MUA Loose Setting Powder £2.50 - Laura Mercier has been my holy-grail powder for as long as I can remember but each time I repurchase I have to live off baked beans for the rest of the month so I have been looking for a fine and translucent loose powder that is a fraction of the price but still sets my face without caking/creasing and this powder is a very strong contender.

MUA Glow Bronzer in Golden Dunes £4 - I was instantly drawn to this bronzer by the swirl of different shades. I was so curious to see what shade it would create if I was to mix them all together or if I could use one half for untanned skin and the other for when I have fake tan on and need a deeper bronze. It instantly joined my everyday make up bag - although the deeper tones intimidated my pale skin initially, the colour is actually beautiful and the perfect bronze.

MUA BLUSHED in Rose Tea £2.50 - I am totally obsessed with this blush, it is such a gorgeous pink. It's super pigmented and you literally only need to tap your brush in once and you'll have a pretty pop of pink on your cheeks, it's pink enough to be seen but not over the top which I love.This is another one who has found it's place in my everyday make up bag.

MAKE UP REVOLUTION x SOPH Palette £10 - After recently trying MUR's collaboration with Imogen and being pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation I had to pick up a different palette from them. The colours in this palette are beautiful and the colour pay off is really impressive for such an affordable palette.I love that with the MUR palettes you can easily create a day to day look or go full glam/colourful all from just one palette and the shadows are really easy to blend out.

MUA Brow Define £2.50 - When it comes to brows Benefit has always been my go to but it can be quite expensive so this is a pretty good dupe for their 'Precisely my brow' at a much cheaper price. It's super easy to create a defined brow as natural or intense as you like your brows.

MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational £8.99 - I have used this mascara for years, even after trialling others I always find myself going back and re-purchasing this one. It's ultra black, lengthening and adds volume without clumping - otherwise known as the perfect mascara.

NYX Duo-chrome Highlighter £9 - Can you believe I forgot to pick up a highlighter? Instead I thought i'd mention this one that's been in my collection for a little while now. This highlighter is unlike any others I own. I'm such a typical champagne highlight kinda girl but the tones in this were too pretty to pass up. On the cheeks it initially has a white champagne look to it however in different lights it actually shows off pink pigments, it's such a pretty highlight.

COLLECTION Liquid Lip Colour £4.99 - For years I was a matte lip person but in the recent months I have been loving the glossy look so much more. This lip colour is as pigmented as a lipstick but also as glossy as a lip gloss without the mega sticky feeling. I opted for a natural pink so I could get a lot of wear out of it but i'll definitely be picking up a few more shade as it's such a comfortable product. It's not the longest lasting but at such an affordable price I don't mind having to use more product and re-apply.

L'OREAL SHAKE & GLOW £9.99 - Setting sprays are my favourite part of my make up routine. Mac Fix+ is my usual go to but again with such a high price tag i'm always reluctant to use a lot of it. This one from L'Oreal has a super fine mist so it doesn't leave your face wet but it still helps to bring my make up together and get rid of the powdery feeling.

You can get your hands on any of these products over on Superdrug's website.

Do you have any drugstore recommendations?


You know that feeling of needing complete relaxation & an escape from the real world? Finding a spa experience can sometimes be the complete opposite so I thought i'd make it a little easier for you and tell you about the spa that everyone needs to visit. For my birthday this year all I wanted was a day of relaxing and after hours and hours of scanning through different spas online I came across the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa and all I can say is this spa was an absolute dream.

I visited with my boyfriend after purchasing the 'couples retreat' package which was listed among so many good offers that you could use for mothers day, a friends birthday present or simply a general spa experience with whoever and whenever you fancy.

We headed up for around lunch time and were greeted by a really friendly staff member who directed us to the spa lounge for a light lunch and glass of champagne, before giving us our locker keys, shoes and a brief overview of our spa experience we had ahead of us. It is a completely tranquil environment from the moment you step through the door - white walls and the soft scent of lavender.

After our lunch we were given a tour of the spa facilities and then we were free to use whatever we wanted which of course started with the hydrotherapy pool. The first thing I noticed was how clean the facilities, changing rooms, toilets - everything was. Apart from myself and my boyfriend there were only 2 other couples using the facilities so we didn't feel as though we were in the way or had to use each part of the pool very briefly and then move on, we just took as long as we wanted and after a while we started to get prune fingers which we decided meant it was time for the sauna and steam rooms.

For me the steam room is not very enjoyable as I tend to feel very claustrophobic but in this one I was okay as the rooms are a pretty decent size and with it being quiet in the spa itself we managed to use them when no one else was. I haven't been to many spas but one small detail that I really liked about this one is there are water stops based all around so you can stay hydrated no matter what area of the spa you're in.

As well as an ice shower and hydrotherapy shower there is also a hot tub with spaces to actually lay down in it in the small outside area upstairs which of course we took full advantage of until it started to rain.

Before we knew it hours had gone by and it was nearly time for our massage so we headed to the upstairs lounge area which was full of comfy chairs and loungers where you can chill without any distractions and dry off before your treatment as no one wants a damp bikini when laying on a massage bed.

The couples massage was unlike any massage I've ever had, I left feeling fully 'at peace' and relaxed. Although it was a couples massage we were both sat down by our masseuse who discussed with us if we had any problem areas that we wanted them to focus on, before giving us the choice of two oils. We weren't told what the oils were beforehand, they asked us to smell and see which one appealed to us the most before placing it in a large bowl of boiled water beneath the whole in the table so we were able to inhale it through out the massage as well. The only oils they use are ESPA and I chose the Restorative Oil which is 'A re-balancing body oil to comfort and calm the senses. Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium and Lavender help ease anxiety and calm, while Palmarosa helps tone and Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for beautifully soft, supple skin.'

Once the massage was over I can safely say I was relaxation level 100 so they took us to their relaxation room which was a medium sized room with dimmed lights and a selection of different sofas with soft blankets which I could've quite easily fallen asleep on. I didn't ever want to leave and I am already scanning their website for different offers and treatments available so I can go back as soon as possible. The masseuse explained to me that I had a lot of knots around my shoulders so I should look to have a massage at least once a month and well I'm not one to ignore an experts advice!

The whole experience was a dream and the perfect amount of TLC so if you are looking for a spa day/experience I would highly recommend checking this place out, a link to their website is here.

4 Beauty Handbag Essentials

As indecisive as I am when it comes to choosing an outfit and the perfect bag to match - one thing I am always sure of is that these 4 beauty essentials are coming with me no matter where I'm going.

Miracle Balm is something pretty new to my essentials as usually my trusty Carmex/Pawpaw would be in it's place but I haven't been able to put this one down. A lip balm of some kind is a must in my handbag and this one from Purple Tree is beautifully scented and leaves my lips feeling really soft for hours without needing to constantly re-apply it. I have also found if i'm out and my eyebrows are looking a little crazy I can apply the tiniest amount of this balm onto my finger and slide them straight back in line. It's also lovely alongside hand cream if you suffer from really dry patches around the knuckles, again the smallest amount and the dry skin is smoothed. Miracle Balm is vegan friendly, cruelty free and only costs £3.99. There are so many dreamy scents available like coconut, watermelon and papaya etc so I will definitely be getting some for my car and my bedside table - you know the drill.

Invisible powder is another staple whether I'm wearing a full face or none, throughout the day my skin gets oily over time and I'm all here for the glowy look but greasy-looking is a no from me. This one from Topshop is a great way to keep your skin looking healthy and smooth, I find that the pearly finish it has to it leaves my make up looking fresh, dewy and not gross. You can't feel it on the skin which is great with a full face on as otherwise I find my nose goes cakey with any other powders. Also when you've decided to go make up free the last thing you want to do is apply a heavy matte powder that's going to clog your pores and make your skin feel gross - this one totally doesn't. (If you like a completely matte finish I wouldn't recommend this one as it does have a pearly look to it)

A lipstick for all occasions - I have fallen in love with the Fenty Beauty Lip Paint in 'uncuffed'. It is the most gorgeous coloured lip product I have ever come across and it's perfect for day and night - I can't imagine a make up look that this shade wouldn't go with. The pigmentation is incredible as well, you only need to apply one swipe over the lips and you have full colour payoff.

Hand cream - another necessity. I go through Body Shop hand creams like there is no tomorrow. They're the perfect handbag size and are all beautiful. I suffer from quite dry hands so I tend to apply hand cream quite regularly and I cannot stand when a cream leaves my hands greasy because I can't get on with whatever it was I was doing before hand until it fully absorbs. These ones simply nourish and leave your hands smelling delicious so you simply can't go wrong.

What are your handbag essentials?

*This post contains a gifted product, all opinions are 100% honest*

Beauty Sleep Essentials

Beauty Sleep.. something I find myself getting a lot less of since entering the world of adulting. Whether it's due to late nights, busy schedules or just simply putting sleep to the back of the queue for whatever reason - without a good nights sleep we're unable to function at our full capacity and eventually it is physically noticeable in an individuals appearance when they're not resting as much as their body requires, hence the term 'beauty sleep'. Don't get me wrong i'm no social butterfly and my bed is my best friend so I do try to get to bed as early as I can but it is more often than not that my sleep is interrupted and it is usually due to my brain not shutting off properly so I will find myself tossing and turning, not being able to drift off into dreamland which means I struggle the following morning and lets just say - there's nothing that can cover my eye bags.

Over the past few months I have made small changes around snooze time that have made a noticeable difference to me when it comes to falling asleep. They are 4 very simple steps that you'll probably think Aimee come on.. these don't really help. Trust me - THEY DO.

Starting with the obvious and that is... coming off your phone or any form of technology that is going to keep your brain moving and pick up a book. I'm totally not a reader but once you find something you're into, it makes it so much easier to wind down. There's something soothing about the sound of a book page turning - it really helps me to relax.

If coming off your phone early isn't always possible and I know sometimes it's not due to different circumstances, I find blue light glasses make a HUGE difference. They simply block any blue light that is produced by any phone screen, laptop or TV etc. Blue light is thought to boost attention and reduces the production of melatonin which is otherwise known as the sleep hormone as it controls your 'sleep-wake' cycle. I got mine from Quay and there are so many different styles available here.

Before Christmas last year I had never tried a sleep spray as I just thought they were a myth and a waste of money. I got one in a set and I have never been so thankful for a gift and the difference it has made to my quality of sleep. With sleep sprays it;s important that the scent actually appeals to you otherwise it'll just act as a distraction from sleeping, however once you find a scent you like it adds a real 'spa-like' feel to the air around you which is why I find it so relaxing. I adore the Champneys Calming Mist and would highly recommend this one if you like lavender, geranium and chamomile type scent. To me it smells like rose petals too but you get the idea - it's floral and spa inspired. A few spritz's of this on my pillow and I am out like a light.

The last thing everyone needs to incorporate into their sleeping routine is an eye mask. I cannot even explain the difference these make to the quality of my sleep - there's no light interruptions whatsoever. Whether that's a street light coming through the blinds or my phone lighting up the room from a notification every now and again - I am oblivious to it.

Let me know if you have any sleeping 'hacks' of your own as I am never one to turn down an opportunity for an even deeper sleep.