As hard as I tried to walk away from these in Harvey Nichols telling myself I don't need anymore glitter - who am I kidding? One swatch and I was sold. I have never bought anything from Stila before but I have always heard such incredible reviews and after seeing Jaclyn Hill unbox these I needed them! As this was my first time trying the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow's I only picked up two shades - Bronzed Bell and Smoky Storm.

Stila have got these liquid eyeshadows absolutely spot on - they're extremely lightweight with incredible glitter pay off and absolutely no fall out! They are very similar to a liquid lipstick in the way that they apply as a water based product but then dry down and aren't prepared to budge anytime soon. I tend to apply these as a finishing touch to my eye looks rather than as a base just as I find they look the best that way. I'll apply my powder shadows first for my desired look and then depending on the result I want I will apply the glitter and blend if necessary. 

Bronzed Bell - Bronze with a touch of Silver & Copper.
Smoky Storm - Light Grey/Bronze and Silver

 Bronzed Bell

Smoky Storm

Don't get me wrong I am a huge glitter lover - when I have an opportunity to wear it, I'm going to! However I cannot stand the feeling of removing a glitter. I suffer from really dry eyes so the smallest thing agitates them and when I sometimes wear a loose glitter I have to really take my time when removing it. These Stila glitter's are the complete opposite, I am obviously still careful around my eye area but I find these so much more comfortable to remove as the glitter is slightly finer than a loose glitter so it glides off with a lot less scratching!

Although these aren't the cheapest glitter's on the market as they retail at £23 each - they are 100% worth giving a go as there is a lot of product so I can imagine these will last aaaages! The colours available are absolutely stunning so I will definitely be picking a few more of these up. 

 Before Flash

After Flash

Have you tried these Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow's? What were your thoughts?