False lashes are a necessity in my make up collection, however I have never been one to spend too much money on them as chances are I'll only get a few uses out of them before I have to throw them away because of mascara and glue build up which is why I thought i'd share with you how I save money on lashes and get as many uses out of the pairs I have. Of course one pair isn't going to last a life time and I do regularly purchase new ones - it just makes each purchase a lot more justifiable to me if I can get more than one use!

All you need for this beauty hack is:
- Your false eyelashes
- A small pot
- Some eye make up remover

1. Put a small amount of your eye makeup remover into the pot, just make sure it's enough to cover the lashes when they sit in there.

2. I tend to leave my lashes in remover over night so all the mascara and glue has melted and started to move away from the lashes but you can leave them in there for as little or as long as you like.

3. When you remove your lashes from the eye make up remover place them on a paper towel or a large cotton pad, which ever you have in your house and just dab them gently to remove the excess mascara.

4. This is the most satisfying part - gently pick the glue away from the lash band. You'll probably find you don't have to pick at all it will just come straight off!

5. Finally just dab them with the paper towel again to ensure they're dry and all unwanted product has been removed.

VOILA, your eyelashes will be good as new!