Clarins is a brand that I can confidently walk up to any of their counters and no matter what I pick up I know it's not going to disappoint, I have done a few posts featuring some favorites of mine and I thought it was about time I continue that list of favourites. 

I have had these in my collection for a little while but recently I have fallen back in love with them and I wear them on a daily basis or at least have one in my bag for when i'm out and about. They are the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors and they are a lip product that every girl needs! I fell totally in love with these when I bought my first one and i've worked my way up to having 3 shades which are 03, 06 and 08. 

(08 Plum Shimmer, 06 Rosewood Shimmer, 03 Nude Shimmer)

I find these perfect for the days when my lips are feeling a bit dry and not ready for a day of  lipstick as they are in-between a lip balm and a lip gloss so even though they're really soothing on the lips they look super pretty and finish off a makeup look perfectly. The formula of these lip perfectors is gorgeous, it leaves your lips looking plump without going overboard glossy! With the key ingredients being Shea Butter, Olive Tree and Rice they soothe, protect and nourish - all whilst looking good, what more could you want? 

The packaging is flawless and extremely high quality! I'm not normally a fan of squeezy tubes, however with the soft fabric applicator this product works perfectly as you get just the right amount of product for each use. Not only is the packing beautiful, the scent is stunning - It's a sweet yet subtle caramel scent and I cannot get enough!

My favourite shade is 100% Rosewood Shimmer 06 as it's the perfect everyday shade. I have been pairing this with my Topshop Lip Contour in Outline and they go absolutely beautifully together! You can check out all the shades available here.

What's your favourite Clarins product?