Happy New Year!! What better way to start the new year than to expand my makeup collection and try new products? I have wanted to try Topshop's makeup for such a long time but it has just been one of those brands that I see and walk straight past. After seeing so many positive reviews on their products online I decided to go go and pick up a few products and I am certainly going to be going back for more!

As it was my first time trying the products I didn't want to go all out and purchase one of each so I decided to go for 3 products that I know I will get a lot of use out of a lip liner, a blush and an eyeshadow. I have fallen head over heels in love with all 3, the quality is so so much better than what I expected as they are all so reasonably priced!

I probably didn't need another pinky/nude lip liner but I couldn't help myself and this has to be my favourite out of all three products. It's such a gorgeous wearable shade and the formula is incredible - it's so creamy, soft and pigmented it doesn't dry my lips out at all. This Lip Contour is in the shade outline and it's available here

Just look at the Holographic eyeshadow though - how could anyone resist buying that? This is honestly the prettiest eyeshadow I have ever seen both in the pan and on the eyes. The colour of this shadow changes in the light, it has brown/pink tones with green/blue reflections it's absolutely stunning! I have worn this both alone and on top of other eyeshadows and it looks just as good either way. This Chameleon Glow Pigment is in the shade changeling and it can also be used as a highlighter, although I haven't been brave enough to try this just yet! It's available here.

I'm so bad when it comes to remembering to put blush on so I thought i'd pick up a new one to help me get into the swing of it and it really has! I have been reaching for this blush everyday as it adds such a healthy yet subtle glow to the cheeks, this blush is definitely more pigmented than I expected however it's not OTT pink at all - it blends perfectly. This Powder Blush is in the shade Dream Phone.

I am incredibly impressed with the packaging and the quality of the products, they're really sturdy and not bulky at all which makes them perfect to travel with as well!