I have seen a lot of criticism and negative comments online towards Megan Mckenna's new Lip Kit line 'Mouthy' and I honestly have no idea why. So what if they're similar to Kylie Jenners? There are so many liquid lipsticks out there nowadays the colours are probably similar to a few others too but it certainly makes life a lot easier living in the UK and not having to pay shipping and then customs on top of the original price. I was so excited when I saw the products Megan was releasing as her make up always looks really pretty!

Megan has bought out 3 Lip Kits Shout Out & Spice, Dimples & Sand and Spa Day & Cinnamon which are all absolutely gorgeous shades. I really wanted to get my hands on all 3 but the lip kits sold out so quickly that by the time I got to buying them the only shade left was Shout Out & Spice. I absolutely love the branding of these Lip Kits, I think it's so suited to Megan and the packaging is really high quality!

Shout Out & Spice are STUNNING, together they are the perfect true brown shade and the pigmentation is absolutely incredible! In each kit you get a matte liquid lipstick and pencil - the liquid lipstick is a lot thicker than I expected but it feels really creamy until it dries completely matte and it's extremely full coverage. Although it is thicker than expected, once it's dry it is extremely lightweight and doesn't crumble at all!

The application of this liquid lipstick is a lot easier than it looks - when I first opened it to see a brush I thought it was going to be a mess but it's actually pretty easy to control! All you do is click the pen applicator until a small amount of product comes out and then its ready to go.

All 3 'Mouthy' Lip Kits are sold out currently, however I will leave a link to her site here so you can keep your eyes peeled for when she restocks as they are 100% worth the money!