Mouthy By Megan McKenna

29 November
I have seen a lot of criticism and negative comments online towards Megan Mckenna's new Lip Kit line 'Mouthy' and I honestly have no idea why. So what if they're similar to Kylie Jenners? There are so many liquid lipsticks out there nowadays the colours are probably similar to a few others too but it certainly makes life a lot easier living in the UK and not having to pay shipping and then customs on top of the original price. I was so excited when I saw the products Megan was releasing as her make up always looks really pretty!

Megan has bought out 3 Lip Kits Shout Out & Spice, Dimples & Sand and Spa Day & Cinnamon which are all absolutely gorgeous shades. I really wanted to get my hands on all 3 but the lip kits sold out so quickly that by the time I got to buying them the only shade left was Shout Out & Spice. I absolutely love the branding of these Lip Kits, I think it's so suited to Megan and the packaging is really high quality!

Shout Out & Spice are STUNNING, together they are the perfect true brown shade and the pigmentation is absolutely incredible! In each kit you get a matte liquid lipstick and pencil - the liquid lipstick is a lot thicker than I expected but it feels really creamy until it dries completely matte and it's extremely full coverage. Although it is thicker than expected, once it's dry it is extremely lightweight and doesn't crumble at all!

The application of this liquid lipstick is a lot easier than it looks - when I first opened it to see a brush I thought it was going to be a mess but it's actually pretty easy to control! All you do is click the pen applicator until a small amount of product comes out and then its ready to go.

All 3 'Mouthy' Lip Kits are sold out currently, however I will leave a link to her site here so you can keep your eyes peeled for when she restocks as they are 100% worth the money!


21 November
Jo Malone is recognised everywhere for her heavenly scented candles, fragrances and bath oils. Each and every scent is gorgeous and suited to everyone! I have always walked into Jo Malone stores and promised myself I would purchase a fragrance one day so when I was given Pomegranate Noir for my 21st I was over the moon. I would certainly say it is a seasonal fragrance and can't see myself wearing this in the summer, however I have not been able to put it down over the past few months. 

Jo Malone describes this fragrance as;
"The sensuality of a daring red dress. Ruby-rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum are spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily and spicy woods. Dark and enigmatic."

It is a unisex fragrance just like most Jo Malone Fragrances although some may think it's slightly more suited to men, it's just such a beautiful musky scent that is unlike any other perfume I own. One thing I love about this cologne is the fact it is constantly developing on the skin and the tiniest amount goes an extremely long way - all you need is a one or two spritz and you're good to go for the day with no need to re-spray! 

I absolutely love the packaging for all Jo Malone products as it's incredibly luxurious. Jo Malone fragrances come slotted perfectly in black tissue paper inside a simple yet elegant box and of course the bottle itself is a dream.

Pomegranate Noir like any other Jo Malone products is not the cheapest but if you're looking for a Christmas present or simply just to treat yourself, you can pick it up here. Trust me when I say - you won't be able to walk away once you've smelt it, sorry not sorry.


15 November
Breakouts and blemishes can ruin anyones mood - to you they are a lot bigger with a sign saying 'look at me' yet to anyone else theres barely anything there. Let me guess you've googled 'how to get clear skin' or 'fastest way to get rid of a spot' and you've probably spent hours with dots of Toothpaste/Sudocrem on your face. You've probably spent a lot more money than you were hoping, purely to find a skin cure that hasn't worked for you. I'm not saying these products are going to help absolutely everyone as some cases to require medication but if you're like me and break out when you're stressed or hormonal alongside having oily skin then these 3 products may help control your breakouts too!

When I was in school I would cake layers of makeup on my skin which lead to endless spots so I was constantly on the look for a new 'anti-blemish' face wash when I came across Neutogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash/Mask and I haven't changed products since. Whether I just use it as a wash quickly in the morning/evening or leave it on a little longer to work its magic you can honestly see visible results after one use! Instantly my skin feels less oily, bacteria free and by the following morning each spot has reduced if not nearly disappeared. Out of all 3 products this is 100% my favourite and you have to give it a try if you haven't before - It retails for £3.79 and you can pick it up here.

I absolutely hate the feeling of waking up with a new spot that was never there the night before and since using Vichy Normaderm Night Detox this rarely happens. As your sebaceous glands work their hardest to produce sebum throughout the night this product helps to control the oil production so that the pores appear reduced and blemishes rarely appear. It's an extremely lightweight non-greasy texture than instantly absorbs into the skin so it doesn't feel like it's clogging the pores at all! It is a little more expensive than the Neutrogena Wash however it is totally worth every penny. You can pick it up here for £11.25.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - a product I will forever repurchase! Personally I don't use this all over the face as thanks to the other two products I rarely have a bundle of spots however I apply it to each and every spot I do have before I go to bed. It visibly reduces the appearance of spots over night, redness is nearly gone and often the bump has reduced too depending on the size of the blemish. So many beauty lovers go on about how much they love this product and I am definitely one of them! It retails at £15.50 so it is the most expensive out of the 3, however it is a really good product and like I've said already I will certainly be repurchasing! You can pick one up here.

What anti-blemish products do you swear by?