Metallic lip products seem to be the new big thing and these 5 in particular are like nothing I have ever tried before. When I first saw them I was a little intimidated as they aren't the usual colours/finish I tend to go for but at £4 each you can't really go wrong. I haven't yet been brave enough to wear them out of the house so I'm not 100% sure how long they actually last on the lips but I can't imagine it's an extremely long time as they are quite glossy and do transfer a lot!

One thing I really like about these lip products is the packaging - they look so sleek and they're extremely light weight. The lid for these is actually really secure and the applicator is extremely easy to use! I find with MUA lip products they all have quite a heavily sweet smell which I quite like however these ones in particular have more of a chemically sweet smell which i'm not a huge fan of.

I think these lip products would look so cool for halloween and the party season which is coming around very quickly. I was actually very surprised with the pigmentation of these, some are more pigmented than others but over all for £4 I was really impressed! Originally Flare and Spark were my two favourite shades but Luster is slowly growing on me and it would look gorgeous over  another lipstick as it's a slightly more transparent silver gloss. 

I have photographed swatches of these glosses in normal light and then with their reflections so you can see how metallic they really are out of the tube.

(Left to Right - Luster, Glint, Flare, Blaze, Spark)

I can't necessarily see myself wearing these on a daily basis however i'm glad I have them in my collection for the odd occasion when I do fancy dress makeup etc. If these are the sort of colours you can see yourself wearing then definitely give them ago because the pigmentation is actually a lot better than I thought and they only cost £4 each. I got mine from here or they are also available here.

I not long ago did a review on MUA's Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers which you can check out here.

What do you think of these Metallic Liquid Lips?