I have always preferred applying my foundation with a sponge to get a flawless finish but when I saw the new craze over oval brushes I had to give them a go! After watching one of Chloe Morello's videos where she uses the Artis brushes I had a look online and I just couldn't justify spending that much money on a brush I wasn't 100% sure I would get on with. You can find the Artis brushes here, they retail around 35USD for the smallest and the prices go up from there - plus shipping to the UK.

I took a look at cheap versions online and came across this rose gold 5 piece set for only £5.64 with free post and packaging so I couldn't resist. When I ordered them the estimated delivery time was about 30 days due to shipping from Hong Kong and it arrived after about 3 weeks but I mean with free postage, who am I to complain?

I am SO SO pleased I took a chance and purchased them - they make cream product application so easy, smooth and fast!

Oval 9 - This is my favourite brush out of the lot, it has so many uses as it covers a large area on the face so doesn't take much work at all. I would use this for primer, foundation, cream bronzer or setting powder.

Oval 7 - I love this brush for concealer and cream contouring, it's the perfect size.

Oval 6 - This brush is absolutely perfect for precise blending and applying cream eyeshadow/primer all over the lid.

Linear 3 - This brush is supposedly for liquid liner however I actually found the bristles way too long to make the liner precise. It is however perfect for smudging liner and applying shadow under the eye too.

Circle 2 - I didn't like this brush for eyeshadow at all, although it works really well for applying lip colour and also popping concealer on blemishes.

I ordered the brushes here. I would definitely recommend them for the price they cost me!

Have you tried oval brushes? What do you think of them?