23 August
I have always preferred applying my foundation with a sponge to get a flawless finish but when I saw the new craze over oval brushes I had to give them a go! After watching one of Chloe Morello's videos where she uses the Artis brushes I had a look online and I just couldn't justify spending that much money on a brush I wasn't 100% sure I would get on with. You can find the Artis brushes here, they retail around 35USD for the smallest and the prices go up from there - plus shipping to the UK.

I took a look at cheap versions online and came across this rose gold 5 piece set for only £5.64 with free post and packaging so I couldn't resist. When I ordered them the estimated delivery time was about 30 days due to shipping from Hong Kong and it arrived after about 3 weeks but I mean with free postage, who am I to complain?

I am SO SO pleased I took a chance and purchased them - they make cream product application so easy, smooth and fast!

Oval 9 - This is my favourite brush out of the lot, it has so many uses as it covers a large area on the face so doesn't take much work at all. I would use this for primer, foundation, cream bronzer or setting powder.

Oval 7 - I love this brush for concealer and cream contouring, it's the perfect size.

Oval 6 - This brush is absolutely perfect for precise blending and applying cream eyeshadow/primer all over the lid.

Linear 3 - This brush is supposedly for liquid liner however I actually found the bristles way too long to make the liner precise. It is however perfect for smudging liner and applying shadow under the eye too.

Circle 2 - I didn't like this brush for eyeshadow at all, although it works really well for applying lip colour and also popping concealer on blemishes.

I ordered the brushes here. I would definitely recommend them for the price they cost me!

Have you tried oval brushes? What do you think of them?


17 August
MAC collaborations are the one thing I don't find myself drawn to on a regular basis, but GOOD LUCK TROLLS? I had to have it. It was honestly so difficult choosing a few products to buy as the whole collection is gorgeous but I settled with a lipstick, beauty powder and of course a reflects glitter!

Not only are the boxes extremely cute, the products are just perfect. I picked up the Satin Lipstick in Sushi Kiss, Reflects Glitter in Reflects Purple Duo and Beauty Powder in Play It Proper. They're definitely not the colours I tend to go for on a daily basis but I am so excited create a look with them! 

The Satin Lipstick in Sushi Kiss, £17.00 is super creamy when applied to the lips and lasts really well, of course just like any lipstick it does need to be re-applied throughout the day after eating. I just think the colour is so pretty.

Beauty Powder in Play It Proper, £24.00 is perfect for when i'm in a bit of a rush or i'm not wearing too much makeup as it doubles up as a highlighter and a blusher, it's the most gorgeous pearl pink and is the perfect way to finish any look.

Reflects Glitter in Reflects Purple Duo, £17.50 is absolutely stunning! When it said reflecting I didn't expect it to be as reflecting as it is. Under a light this glitter is incredible, as soon as I received it and swatched it on my hand I went straight back online and ordered the Reflects Transparent Teal and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

This collection is definitely a MAC collaboration worth getting your hands on - you can view the full range here.

What's your favourite MAC product?


14 August
There is a huge craze with colour correcting at the minute and there are so many products on the market. Colour correction isn't something I tend to do on a daily basis however if I have particularly dark under eyes or any redness/blemishes it is an absolute life saver. I came across this palette from Freedom Makeup for £5 and I couldn't walk away without it. You're probably thinking why on earth would you want to put lavender, green and coral colours on your face.. but trust me - they work!

The idea of colour correcting is finding the directly opposite colour on the colour wheel to the colour you want to cancel out and it will instantly correct the problem area.

Green - Redness/Blemishes/Scars
Orange/Coral - Any purple/blue tones, normally found under the eyes or any form of bruising.
Lavender - Yellow dull areas that need brightening/cheek bones.
Yellow - Brighten the centre of the face, also can be used under eyes depending on how intense the dark circles are.

In this palette you do get a cream highlight and a brightening pink tones concealer. These are the two I haven't found use for as of yet, however the other shades pleasantly surprised me with how pigmented they were and they actually successfully colour corrected without going cakey on my skin.

When you colour correct you need to be careful not too apply it too thick as it acts like another layer of make up and will look too heavy if you go overboard.

I would 100% recommend this palette if you are on a budget and really want to try out colour correcting, you can grab it here. The shades in this palette are not too deep so I would recommend it more for fair skin tones!

Have you tried colour correcting?