Makeup do's and don'ts are one of my favourite things to watch on youtube, I find them so fascinating and they definitely helped me as I got more into makeup. I am in NO way a professional I just thought it would be a fun post for me to write and give you guys some lil tips as to how I do my makeup, but by all means if you prefer the don'ts then you go right ahead and do whatever you prefer. Please ignore me if you disagree with what I have said in this post - everyone has their own opinions!

Now I've got that little disclaimer out of the way let's get onto the tips:

As you can see there isn't a major difference between each side of my face however there are a few things I like to do that make my makeup slightly more flattering for my face.

First thing being very obvious and that is FOUNDATION SHADE - A lot of people colour match their foundation to the backs of the hand but this is actually a different colour to the face, you should ideally colour match along your jawline if possible.

FOUNDATION APPLICATION - I personally cannot stand applying foundation with my fingers, even though I wash my hands before applying my makeup I always feel like any dirt on my fingers is going to find its way into my pores and no one wants that. Also when applying foundation with your fingers you will not get an even application and may end up appearing patchy. I personally find using a damp beauty blender or cosmetic sponge to pat the foundation onto my skin gives me the most flawless finish.

TACKY BASE - If you leave your foundation damp and do not powder it at all it will cause the bronzer to stick to the first areas you apply it to which may leave your skin looking muddy and not evenly blended, I personally like to powder all over my skin lightly to avoid this happening. Another quick tip for once you've powdered, in order to get a light natural contour you can simply hold a makeup brush/debit card/piece of paper, anything along your cheek bone and lightly dust your bronzer over it to create a soft contour line.

BROWS - Eyebrows are one of the first things people will notice on your face nowadays and making them 'boxy' is going to make it extremely obvious that it isn't your natural brow. Instead it is important you find a powder/cream/pencil product which matches the colour of your hair or eyebrows which ever you prefer and follow the natural line of your brows. I use a disposable mascara wand which I was given by a makeup counter a little while ago just to brush through to make my brows even more natural looking.

BLUSHER - When applying blusher you should create a 'tick' shape with your hand, point your index finger to the top of your ear and your thumb should follow your nose to your eye, this will ensure you have the perfect space between your nose and blush.

BLENDING EYESHADOW - I used to be absolutely terrible at blending my eyeshadow until I got my hands on a MAC 217 brush and this has honestly changed my life! Another thing which will help eyeshadow blending is the correct transition shade, choosing a colour that is a lot darker than your skin tone is just going to make things a lot harder for you. I find that on my skin tone a soft light brown/caramel colour works perfectly.

CAT EYE LINER - A winged liner is there to make the eyes look longer and bigger and creating a chunky tick pointing up instead of out is just going to make the eye appear smaller and darker.

SPIDER LASHES - Applying too many layers of mascara is just going to end up clumping and crumbling. A definite DO is invest in an eyelash primer, I would recommend the Urban Decay Subversion - I notice such a difference in my lashes every time I wear this.

Finally OVER DRAWN LIPS - I think every girl is guilty of over drawing their lips a little from time to time however I find that if I over do it you can actually see my natural lip line through the lipstick which makes me look like a clown. I have done a full post on how to perfect your pout without getting clown lips here.

What is your ultimate makeup do & don't?