There is a huge obsession with liquid lipsticks at the minute and I for one am LOVING them. I have seen so many positive reviews of the MUA Lip Lacquers that I couldn't help but pick up 4 shades to try out, after all they are only £3!! These lip lacquers are super long lasting and have amazing pigmentation for such an amazing price and I will 100% be picking up every other colour available. The 4 colours I picked up are: Tranquility, MoxieReckless & Kooky - they're all gorgeous and within about an hour of wearing Moxie I was asked what I had on my lips.

 (Left to Right: Reckless, Tranquility, Kooky, Moxie)

I actually really like the packaging of these lip lacquers, they're really lightweight and definitely look like they're worth more than £3! The applicator makes it very easy to apply with just the right amount of product. The product itself has a strawberry sweet smell to it which I love as some liquid lipsticks can smell very 'plain/chemically'. I wore Moxie on a night out not long ago and it literally lasted all night! They aren't the most moisturising on the lips but the pigmentation is incredible for the price. These lip lacquers dry SO quickly - I wouldn't recommend rubbing your lips together straight after you have applied it as it is slightly sticky until it dries, however they are completely kiss proof and will not budge once they are dry!

The colours are definitely on the brighter side however Tranquility is a really lovely nude if that's more your thing! I can't say I'm a huge bright lip wearer however I absolutely love the colour range of these lip lacquers. I did notice that after eating/a few hours a couple of the colours did start to flake a little but I mean what's the harm in reapplying every so often for £3?

Tranquility - Peachy Nude
Reckless - True Red
Kooky - Deep Purple
Moxie - Deep Hot Pink

I would 100% recommend these lip lacquers to anyone. They are extremely long lasting and the colour pigmentation is definitely worth £3! I LOVE them!

What's your favourite Liquid Lipstick brand/colour?