Coconut oil has hundreds of different uses and it's incredible for skin, hair and nails - it is a combination of fatty acids which have amazing benefits for your body. It starts as a solid however with the tiniest bit of heat it will turn into an oil which you can use in many different ways! I absolutely love it and use it for everything.

First things first it smells absolutely gorgeous, but lets get into the uses:

1. Cooking - this one is obvious but it is such a healthy alternative for vegetable and cooking oils, not to mention it is dairy free.

2. Eye Make Up Remover - it just melts it away like magic, as you massage it around your eye area the heat will turn the product into an oil and your make up will just glide right off.

3. Teeth Whitening - I have mentioned this in a previous favourites post linked here. Coconut is amazing for oil pulling to whiten teeth and also improve gum health too.

4. Lip Balm - The perfect natural chapstick.

5. Body Moisturiser - Skin that is very dry absolutely loves coconut oil as it really nourishes the skin leaving it soft and moisturised. Not only that but it actually helps prevent stretch marks too, BONUS.

6. Hair Mask - I have recently started using this as a hair mask on the very tips of my hair and it always leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft and conditioned. I cannot stress to you enough how nice this leaved your hair feeling!

7. Bath Oil - Again it works wonders on dry skin that is naturally lacking in oil, adding a small amount to the bath is the perfect way to really treat your skin.

8. After Sun - An intensive natural conditioner, it will help heal the skin so you can say goodbye to sunburn.

9. Natural Deodorant  - Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties which fight against bacteria so body odour doesn't occur. t have never tested this one personally however I am very intrigued to see how long it works.

10. Cuticles - Rubbing a small amount into the cuticles of your nails daily will help your nails to naturally grow, along with keeping them strong and healthy.

If you haven't got Coconut Oil in your household - YOU NEED IT. It comes in so many different shapes and sizes so it really doesn't matter which one you get however I will link a couple: Holland & Barrett, Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy.