There's nothing better than having a pamper night an the end of a rough day so I thought i'd share my favourite products to really take the pressure off your shoulders. Whether you're a high school student with the stress of exams, just simply having a stressful day or even a new mum - I guarantee that there is a product in this post that will help you de-stress.

Every single Clarins product I have tried I have completely fallen in love with, they're such luxurious products and really help me to unwind after a busy day. My bank certainly doesn't love me for this however I would recommend you try them for yourself and I'm sure you'll be in the same boat as me!

First of all is the struggle of waking up in the morning, along with a lot of other girls I am NOT a morning person - however since using this Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate I have actually been excited about hopping out of bed and getting straight in the shower. It is perfect for early morning showers, after the gym and incredible in a hot bath. The scent is HEAVENLY, it literally smells like a spa and this is all thanks to the essential oils that leave your skin cleansed and super soft! It retails for £20 and is available here. You can thank me later!

Eau Des Jardin - oh my god. This scent is beautiful, it's fruity yet floral! Theres something about this that instantly uplifts me as soon as I spray this. It's perfect for any time of the day, it will completely refresh your senses and instantly put you in a more positive mind. There are 3 different scents available however this is my absolute favourite and if you haven't smelt this, YOU HAVE TO. It isn't cheap but it's worth every penny, it retails at £32 and is available here.

Beauty Flash Balm has won so many awards! It's a gorgeous product and will instantly brighten & tighten the skin. This product is perfect for tired skin that needs a little pick me up. It can be used daily as part of your skin care regime, as a primer for your makeup or once/twice a week as a mask as the ultimate treat. It retails at £29 and is available here.

A manicure is a must when it comes to my pamper evening and it wouldn't be complete without the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, it leave my hands/nails in such good condition. It's the perfect hand cream, as well as keeping my hands super soft it also helps strengthen my nails. It retails at £21 but is 100% worth it! You can grab it here. Who cares about rude customers? At least your nails look good!

The Clarins Instant Light Concealer is fairly new to my collection but I am honestly SO impressed with it. This concealer actually has caffeine as one of its ingredients to help fight dark circles as well as covering them. Dark circles are my worst enemy and I have really struggled to keep them covered until I purchased this product. It helps keep the glow in my skin so I look awake throughout the day and not like a complete zombie! It retails at £21.50 and is available here - I use the colour Light 01 if you are interested.

Finally onto my absolute favourite product from Clarins - Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. This is aimed at dehydrated skin, however there are 2 others available for oily or dry skin types. A bit like the tonic concentrate this scent is also heavenly! It has so many gorgeous oils to keep the skin repaired, hydrated and revitalised. I use this product over night so it really has time to work on my skin and I find that it really helps me unwind/sleep after a really long day. Every time I use this oil my skin looks much more radiant the following day! It retails for £32 and is available here.

If you really want to try any of these products before you buy then just go to your nearest Clarins counter and they always have samples available! 

What's your favourite product to de-stress?