Mouthy By Megan McKenna

29 November
I have seen a lot of criticism and negative comments online towards Megan Mckenna's new Lip Kit line 'Mouthy' and I honestly have no idea why. So what if they're similar to Kylie Jenners? There are so many liquid lipsticks out there nowadays the colours are probably similar to a few others too but it certainly makes life a lot easier living in the UK and not having to pay shipping and then customs on top of the original price. I was so excited when I saw the products Megan was releasing as her make up always looks really pretty!

Megan has bought out 3 Lip Kits Shout Out & Spice, Dimples & Sand and Spa Day & Cinnamon which are all absolutely gorgeous shades. I really wanted to get my hands on all 3 but the lip kits sold out so quickly that by the time I got to buying them the only shade left was Shout Out & Spice. I absolutely love the branding of these Lip Kits, I think it's so suited to Megan and the packaging is really high quality!

Shout Out & Spice are STUNNING, together they are the perfect true brown shade and the pigmentation is absolutely incredible! In each kit you get a matte liquid lipstick and pencil - the liquid lipstick is a lot thicker than I expected but it feels really creamy until it dries completely matte and it's extremely full coverage. Although it is thicker than expected, once it's dry it is extremely lightweight and doesn't crumble at all!

The application of this liquid lipstick is a lot easier than it looks - when I first opened it to see a brush I thought it was going to be a mess but it's actually pretty easy to control! All you do is click the pen applicator until a small amount of product comes out and then its ready to go.

All 3 'Mouthy' Lip Kits are sold out currently, however I will leave a link to her site here so you can keep your eyes peeled for when she restocks as they are 100% worth the money!


21 November
Jo Malone is recognised everywhere for her heavenly scented candles, fragrances and bath oils. Each and every scent is gorgeous and suited to everyone! I have always walked into Jo Malone stores and promised myself I would purchase a fragrance one day so when I was given Pomegranate Noir for my 21st I was over the moon. I would certainly say it is a seasonal fragrance and can't see myself wearing this in the summer, however I have not been able to put it down over the past few months. 

Jo Malone describes this fragrance as;
"The sensuality of a daring red dress. Ruby-rich juices of pomegranate, raspberry and plum are spiked with pink pepper and laced with Casablanca lily and spicy woods. Dark and enigmatic."

It is a unisex fragrance just like most Jo Malone Fragrances although some may think it's slightly more suited to men, it's just such a beautiful musky scent that is unlike any other perfume I own. One thing I love about this cologne is the fact it is constantly developing on the skin and the tiniest amount goes an extremely long way - all you need is a one or two spritz and you're good to go for the day with no need to re-spray! 

I absolutely love the packaging for all Jo Malone products as it's incredibly luxurious. Jo Malone fragrances come slotted perfectly in black tissue paper inside a simple yet elegant box and of course the bottle itself is a dream.

Pomegranate Noir like any other Jo Malone products is not the cheapest but if you're looking for a Christmas present or simply just to treat yourself, you can pick it up here. Trust me when I say - you won't be able to walk away once you've smelt it, sorry not sorry.


15 November
Breakouts and blemishes can ruin anyones mood - to you they are a lot bigger with a sign saying 'look at me' yet to anyone else theres barely anything there. Let me guess you've googled 'how to get clear skin' or 'fastest way to get rid of a spot' and you've probably spent hours with dots of Toothpaste/Sudocrem on your face. You've probably spent a lot more money than you were hoping, purely to find a skin cure that hasn't worked for you. I'm not saying these products are going to help absolutely everyone as some cases to require medication but if you're like me and break out when you're stressed or hormonal alongside having oily skin then these 3 products may help control your breakouts too!

When I was in school I would cake layers of makeup on my skin which lead to endless spots so I was constantly on the look for a new 'anti-blemish' face wash when I came across Neutogena Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash/Mask and I haven't changed products since. Whether I just use it as a wash quickly in the morning/evening or leave it on a little longer to work its magic you can honestly see visible results after one use! Instantly my skin feels less oily, bacteria free and by the following morning each spot has reduced if not nearly disappeared. Out of all 3 products this is 100% my favourite and you have to give it a try if you haven't before - It retails for £3.79 and you can pick it up here.

I absolutely hate the feeling of waking up with a new spot that was never there the night before and since using Vichy Normaderm Night Detox this rarely happens. As your sebaceous glands work their hardest to produce sebum throughout the night this product helps to control the oil production so that the pores appear reduced and blemishes rarely appear. It's an extremely lightweight non-greasy texture than instantly absorbs into the skin so it doesn't feel like it's clogging the pores at all! It is a little more expensive than the Neutrogena Wash however it is totally worth every penny. You can pick it up here for £11.25.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - a product I will forever repurchase! Personally I don't use this all over the face as thanks to the other two products I rarely have a bundle of spots however I apply it to each and every spot I do have before I go to bed. It visibly reduces the appearance of spots over night, redness is nearly gone and often the bump has reduced too depending on the size of the blemish. So many beauty lovers go on about how much they love this product and I am definitely one of them! It retails at £15.50 so it is the most expensive out of the 3, however it is a really good product and like I've said already I will certainly be repurchasing! You can pick one up here.

What anti-blemish products do you swear by?


30 October
As if getting up and ready in the morning wasn't already a struggle, it's that time of year again where it's darker longer than it is light and getting ready on time is a much harder task than it was before. Some of the following tips may seem really obvious, however when you actually put them to good use you'll find you use your time a lot more effectively in the morning!

If you're anything like me then caffeine is the first thing on your list when you wake up and there is no need to cut this step out. As long as you make it before doing anything else you can drink it as you get ready and that will only add a few seconds per sip rather than stopping off on the way, as this takes a lot more time and your bank will thank you too.

Choose an alarm that isn't going to put you in a bad mood. I don't know about you but an annoying alarm always frustrates me, i'd much rather wake up to something a lot softer as it will ease you out of your sleep gently so you will be much calmer! Also, snoozing is perfectly acceptable - as long as you set your alarm a little earlier. This way you'll gradually wake up ready for the day rather than abruptly and in a foul mood.

This one is pretty obvious and that is to get everything you can ready the night before. Whether that is laying out clothes or beauty products, I promise you it'll save you valuable time!

Not only should you lay things out the night before, you should pamper yourself. Any part of your beauty routine that takes that little bit longer should be done before you sleep, for example exfoliating, face masks or washing your hair. This is going to shorten your shower time massively!

I am guilty for reaching for my phone as soon as I wake up and scroll through all forms of social media so I can completely put off the getting ready process. Recently I have started to save this for break/lunch times, not only do I have more time to spare when getting ready it also makes boring breaks go A LOT quicker!

Finally, when getting ready you should focus on all the things you can't do on the move. This step is for those of you that catch a lift or get the train every morning, save your face make up that doesn't involve 100% precision for when you're on your way to work. Get things such as eye liners, lip liners, brows, mascara etc done whilst you're still home and you might even find you actually don't need a full face after all!

What are your time saving tips?

Autumn Beauty Essentials

27 October
It's November in less than a week... I'm just going to let that sink in! As quick as this year is going I am so glad it is Autumn time again. Autumn Leaves, Pumpkin Spice Latte's, Cosy Scarves and the feeling that Christmas is approaching are just a few of the reasons I adore this time of the year! Another thing I love is changing up my beauty essentials to much warmer tones so I thought I would share with you a few of my absolute favourites and they are all pretty affordable.

I don't know what it is about colder months that makes me prefer a full coverage foundation but I really do and one that I have been reaching for a lot recently is the EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation (£12.50) in the shade F100. I bought this back when they hadn't upgraded their colour range so I had around 5 shades to choose from and being as pale as I am, of course I went tor the lightest shade which is actually still too dark for me! I just add a drop or two of The Body Shop Lightening Drops and it creates the perfect shade for me. Since then they have brought out so many more shades so I will certainly be picking up a lighter one as I cannot get enough of this foundation! I'd say the coverage is medium but certainly build able and beautiful. Considering celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Adele wear this product it has to be amazing right? It gives such a flawless healthy finish to the skin and you 100% need to try it.

Orange/Burgundy/Purple eye make up looks are my absolute favourite during Autumn and if you're a warm tone lover like me then you will adore this palette. It is the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette (£18) and I think the swatches speak for themselves! Each shade is highly pigmented and super easy to blend, here is a brief description of each shade:

Bitter Start - Matte Cream
Sweeter End - Soft Grey/Lilac Metallic 
Warm Notes - Gorgeous Metallic Purple/Cranberry 
Subtle Blend - Deep Metallic Brown
Beans Are White - Matte Off Black
Pure Ganache - Warm Metallic Gold
Substitute For Love - Warm Light Orange/Brown, Subtle Gold Shimmer
Freshly Toasted - Matte Deep Warm Brown
Infusion - Grey/Brown With Gold Shimmer
Delicate Acidity - Purple Metallic With Pink Reflects

 (Left to Right - Bitter Start, Sweeter End, Warm Notes, Subtle Blend, Beans Are White)
(Left to Right - Pure Ganache, Substitute For Love, Freshly Toasted, Infusion, Delicate Acidity)

Whilst we're on the subject of eyes, I had to include Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream (£25.50) as it's been my go to eye cream for months now. Firstly Benefit has the cutest packaging for every single one of their products so can we please just appreciate how simple yet adorable the pot is! The formula of this eye cream is super lightweight but it just leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth and hydrated. Over time this cream has actually reduced the circles under my eyes, not completely but they certainly have improved.

NYX Glitter Brilliants (£5.50) are absolutely gorgeous! I went ahead and purchased the shades Gold, Copper and Red as you would've seen in my Autumnal Glitter Cut Crease post which I will leave linked here if you haven't. All three shades are perfect for Autumn/Winter! I have been wearing the Gold glitter on my inner corners a lot recently and I've had quite a few people ask what I was wearing as it really does make any eye look POP! All you need is a dab of eyelash glue and these glitters are there to stay and they aren't budging all night long.

Finally are my two favourite lip products of all time. They are both from NYX, Soft Matte Lip Cream in Dubai (£5.50) and Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Soft Spoken (£6.50) and they are worth every penny! I'll start with the Lip Cream in Dubai as this is unlike any other lip product I own, it's a gorgeous true brown that is super soft on the lips and stays put for a really long time even without a liner underneath. I actually think this would be a really good dupe for Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit in True Brown K just with a different formula, however I do not own the Lip Kit so I can't compare them on here for you! Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken is again extremely soft and comfortable on the lips and doesn't move. It's a gorgeous a deep pink/mauve Autumn shade and that it the best way I can describe it!

What are your Autumn Beauty Essentials?

Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid

22 October
Urban Decay is one of those brands that never fails to amaze me with their products! They are absolutely loved in the beauty world for every single one of their products whether it's the Naked Palettes, Naked Skin Concealer, All Nighter Setting Spray or their Eyeshadow Primer Potion - I'm sure you have tried one or at least heard of them. Colour correcting is a huge trend at the minute and I am loving it! Urban Decay have not long ago come out with 5 different colour correcting fluids in the shades: Green, Peach, Pink, Lavender and Yellow which are all used for counteracting different tones on the skin. I could not wait to get my hands on these, although as they are £17.50 each I opted to try just the one shade first but I am 100% going back for more!

The shade I was dying to try was of course the Pink as this is perfect for dull under eyes. I have used Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer for months now and these two paired together are a matched made in heaven for the brightest under eyes EVER! I have been reaching for this combination every single time I have worn makeup recently whether it's a full face or just everyday and I fall in love over and over again with this colour corrector.

I absolutely love how this concealer feels on the skin, it's super creamy yet lightweight so it doesn't feel heavy under your concealer at all! It's also rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E so it keeps your skin protected whilst correcting.  The coverage of this corrector is perfect and with the help of the subtle pearlescent pigments the diffused light gives the perfect finish.

I would definitely re-purchase this product as it honestly does what it claims to do! You can shop the whole range of colour correctors here.

5 Beauty Tips I Would Give My Younger Self

18 October
A few days ago I decided to take a trip down memory lane and have a look at all the old photos on Facebook from back when I was at school and I just WISH someone would've told me these 5 things before because... what was I thinking??? I'm talking back to the time when Dream Matte Mousse was the best foundation a girl could own. This post is something completely different to all my other posts, I just thought i'd have a little fun and hopefully help some of you still in school so you don't make the beauty mistakes I did!

Dear Younger Aimee,

1. Do NOT over pluck your eyebrows - trust me, you will regret it. As easy as it is to tweak a hair here and there it is nowhere near as easy to get them back and having eyebrows that look like they've had a divorce was one of my errors.

2. Foundation is where you need to take more time when purchasing. Just because someone else has a certain foundation in a certain shade does not mean that you need that exact one. They probably have an entirely different base to you - whether that's tone or skin type - there is a 97% chance that it's not the exact same as yours.

3. Don't just pick up the cheapest make up wipes in the store just because they're on offer for £1, because there is an extremely high chance that they are no good for your skin and will cause breakouts due to the alcohol content. I find Simple's make up wipes work for me - however I only use these to remove makeup very occasionally when i'm in a mega rush or if I'm feeling a little lazy as they do do the job well, but for everyday use take a look at an all in one cleanser that is made for your skin type and you'll notice a huge difference.

4. Do NOT apply another layer of makeup over the perfectly good layer already on your skin. In school me and my friends would spend the majority of our breaks/lunch in the toilets applying more make up when we didn't need to at all. This is just going to clog your pores and make your skin appear very cakey and if your school is anything like mine was then they will make you take it all off anyway!

5. The MOST important thing is to be happy with what you have. I know a lot of people will say this and you might feel like others are prettier than you etc... If you are positive and happy then that is going to reflect back at you and you will appear much more beautiful to yourself and others.

All My Love, Older Aimee who had to learn from these mistakes x

What beauty advice would you give your younger self?

HOW TO | Easy Autumnal Glitter Cut Crease

12 October
Autumn is here which means party season is just around the corner and I don't know about you but I am super excited! In no way am I a professional, however I thought it would be really fun to create a step by step on how to get this super easy cut crease with an autumnal glittery twist. I have been absolutely loving cut crease make up looks recently, they can be anything from really simple and smokey to dramatic, glam, glittery and all that fun stuff!

A cut crease helps to really bring out the eyes, making them appear a lot bigger. All it really involves is defining the natural crease on your eyelid to enhance them and make them even more beautiful than before!

I have broken it down into stages to show you exactly how I got this Glitter Cut Crease look;

1. First of all you want to start off by priming your eyelids, I actually created this look after already applying my face makeup so I had concealer set in place ready to go.

2. In order to get the desired cut crease I took an angled brush and dampened it a little with some Mac Fix +, I then used Mac Eyeshadow in the shade Embark just to trace out my crease and make it a little bit easier.

3. Next you want to really deepen the crease. I did this using a small pencil brush just so it was a little more precise and didn't end up all over my lid! I used the shade Semi-Sweet from my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette for this step as it's a gorgeous warm brown.

4. This step is just BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. I mixed a little bit of Milk Chocolate from that same Too Faced Palette on a Mac 217 brush just as a slight transition shade.

5. I found it a little tricky to get a completely straight cut crease so I went in with the lightest shade concealer I have in my collection and packed it onto the lid using a flat brush from The Body Shop and just created a much smoother edge.

6. You want to make sure that you have set the concealer in place otherwise it will crease and potentially ruin the finished look! After you have done that it's time for the fun part - GLITTER. 

 7. For this step it is entirely up to you which glitter you use, whether you would prefer a glitter liner or a loose glitter is entirely up to you. I personally opted for loose glitter so I could create this ombre sort of effect and I was extremely happy with the way this turned out! After applying some Too Faced  Glitter Glue I took the smallest liner brush I have and applied a small amount of NYX Glitter Brilliants in the shades Gold, Copper and Red as I thought they were perfect for Autumn time! I would recommend something a little stronger than the Too Faced Glue such as eyelash glue maybe as it started to crumble away after a little while but it's entirely up to you.

8. Once you have your desired cut crease it's then time to add some liquid liner, and again you can make the wing as big or as little as you like!

9. Finally, it's time for LASHES. I applied a very thin later of Benefits Roller Lash just to coat my lashes then I popped on my current favourite lashes from Red Cherry.

I will list links to everything I used here:

If you would like to see a full review on the lashes I used to get this look, please click here.


09 October
I have never really been a huge eyelash wearer until recently as I sometimes struggle to find lashes that are longer than mine and that aren't too heavy for the make up look i'm going for. In the past I have stuck to purchasing the same pair over and over and looking back on it, they looked awful and it was very obvious that they were false lashes and the application.. well, let's just not go into that.

A friend of mine wears Ardell Wispies a lot and they always look like her own and complete her make up perfectly so I took it upon myself to purchase some and get back into false lashes. Every shop I have tried have either been sold out or have stopped stocking them completely and considering they're such gorgeous lashes I have no idea why! This is when I came across they stock an enormous amount of lashes from all different brands. Trust me when I say, if you need a pair of lashes there is a 99% chance they will have them in stock.

I have never been happier to come across a website in my entire life, it is false eyelash heaven. They stock everything from individual lashes, strip lashes, mink lashes, glue and they also have a range of brow products too! What more could a girl want? oh and offer FREE First Class Delivery in the UK no matter how small/big the order is!

The lovely actually sent me a pair of lashes to review for you guys and the service has been absolutely incredible. The style I chose to try are the Red Cherry #WSP Wispy and you can get your hands on them on their website.

I have heard so many good things about Red Cherry lashes in the past about how comfortable they are and oh my goodness, I literally forgot I was wearing them. These lashes are super wispy and pretty and just help to complete any make up look! Personally I prefer lashes that are a mixture or long and short lashes just so they have a much more natural look to them and these have just that! They are super easy to apply and are perfect for both everyday and night make up looks. 

This is what they look like on, I just think they're so lightweight and pretty;

I would highly recommend that you check out their website to see all the other lashes they have to offer, you won't regret it!

What are your favourite False Lashes?


04 October
It's getting to that time of year again when lips become dry and lip balm is an essential! I have never really suffered from dry lips however after being on holiday and the weather change, it seems to have taken it out of my lips. I thought after seeing so many positive reviews on this Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil I just had to give it a go and if you haven't already you need to pick one up. This is only the most soothing and comforting lip product I have ever used, it feels extremely luxurious on the lips and I have found myself reaching for it every single day!

There are 3 shades available in this lip oil however I opted for Honey as I didn't want it to have a tint to it so I could wear it all day every day. I'm not entirely sure of the colour pay off for the other shades I just didn't want to risk it as the others are berry tones! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the packaging for these lip oils they are so sleek and classy and I think they are an extremely generous size for a lip oil. It comes with the most amazing applicator I have ever used for a lip product as it picks up just the right amount of product and distributes it evenly and comfortably across the lips. Now onto the scent - it is extremely subtle yet sweet and it suits the lip oil perfectly!

This lip oil does have an extremely glossy finish to it, a little like honey except without the sticky feel! It is so nourishing on the lips and either alone or with a product underneath it leaves the lips looking healthy and beautiful. 

As this is Clarins we're talking about it isn't the cheapest lip product to buy however it is totally worth  it and I have literally recommended it to everyone who has asked. I will leave a link here to where you can purchase it and it retails at £19.