The new year is when everyone writes a long list of things they want to change about themselves, "NEW YEAR, NEW ME."

Whilst reading January's issue of Glamour Magazine I came across their anti-resolution list which I loved! The idea of it is, instead of writing a list of things such as lose weight, join a gym, stop swearing etc, it's a list of things that they're completely okay with not achieving. 

So here goes, this is my anti-resolution list;

Stop spending all my money on makeup
As much as I should probably do this i'm 100% not going to. Everyone has that one thing that they love and mine just happens to be makeup and beauty products. My bank may hate me for this but my skin certainly won't!

Stop being late ALL THE TIME
No matter how hard I try, if we have plans you should always expect me to be later than when we have agreed. It's just part of who I am and would like to apologise in advance x

Eat a strict healthy diet
Over the past year I have lost a lot of weight and finally hit my goal and I didn't need an extremely strict diet to do so. I find that personally as long as I work out enough it doesn't really matter what I eat. PLUS if I have strict guidelines not to eat something i'm going to crave it a whole lot more. Now where's the chocolate?

Hope next year is better than the last
I don't see the point in dwelling on the past and I personally agree with the saying 'everything happens for a reason'. I know somethings might feel like the end of the world but trust me it isn't and theres plenty of good things waiting around the corner for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's not beauty related however I thought it would be fun and a little different.