When in doubt, POUT. Over the past few months pouts have become much more of a focus across social media, For example 'The Kylie Jenner Challenge', this is where girls suck their lips into a small cup or lid and actually causing themselves more damage than good, purely just to get a plumper pout. 

As the party season is just round the corner and mistletoe is coming your way I thought I would show you an easier/less painful alternative to plump up your pout in just 5 steps.

Heres what you're gunna need:

1. First off SCRUB, in the cold weather my lips get really dry and this Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub is perfect when it comes to getting super soft lips. I'm not sure that you're supposed to but this smells and tastes good enough to eat. The caster sugar and Jojoba oil in this lip scrub makes sure my lips stay in top condition.

2. PEPPERMINT OIL, you're probably thinking Aimee what........? but peppermint oil is an effective natural remedy that actually plumps your lips. I usually dilute it slightly by mixing it with my lip balm as it makes your lips tingle and if its not diluted the sensation can be a bit too much. Please be careful when applying this to the lips - DO NOT EAT.

3. Lip Liner. If you overdraw too much you will look like a bit of a clown, However this is a great way to give the illusion that your lips are bigger than they are. My current favourite is Rimmel Lasting Finish in Cappuccino and it's available from Boots or Lloyds Pharmacy.

4. Lipstick, like a lot of girls lipstick is my favourite part of my makeup collection! I find by applying my base colour all over, in this case Mac Viva Glam 2, then applying a slightly lighter lipstick to the centre of my lips, in this case Mac Pure Pout, to create a slight ombre which again is great at giving you a plumper looking pout.

5. Finally Highlight, by applying highlighter to your cupids bow this really finishes off any lip look, my current favourite is Mary-Lou Manizer.

Whats your favourite lip combination? Let me know.