Sunday, 28 May 2017

My Top 5 Holiday Beauty Picks

It's that time of year again where everyone is jetting off to the destination of their dreams and I am one of them - this time next week I will be stepping off the plane in sunny Marbella and yes I have already started packing my beauty bits. As we are only going for a short 5 day break before my birthday I don't want to be lugging around crazy amounts of make up and skin care because I'm going to be honest, my Sephora shopping list is already bigger than my suitcase can handle. When narrowing it down to a few items there were 5 things in particular that were a must as I know they'll keep my skin looking hydrated and glowing!

Unfortunately for me I'm incredibly pale and my skin burns really easily so on top of the obvious high factor sun cream, moisturiser is my life on holiday! I have recently been using a new moisturiser from L'oreal and I absolutely love how it feels on my skin - It is the Hydra Genius Liquid Care with Aloe Water & Hyaluronic Acid for Combination Skin. The product has a gel/water like formula which instantly absorbs into the skin without leaving any sort of residue and claims to lock in moisture for 72 hours. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly refreshed and hydrated so of course this a must for my holiday!

Whilst in Marbella I'm challenging myself to let my skin breathe and go completely foundation free, instead i'll take concealer just to touch up any blemishes and these Cover FX Drops to keep my skin GLOWING. You've probably seen everyone going on about these for absolutely ages and I finally caved a few months back, I have them in the shade Celestial and I have never tried a highlighting product like it! At first I was completely turned off them as I tend to powder my whole face and these on top of powder is just a no go, they dot onto the skin and actually set almost instantly - making it extremely hard to blend. I have recently stopped powdering my whole face and just sticking to the T Zone, so applying these drops to my cheek bones is super easy and they look absolutely stunning.

Sticking to the base I will of course be taking my trustee Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, because although I will be avoiding foundation - any concealer will be sure to melt off my face without it. I don't think I need to say a lot about this powder as I think every blogger & their mum knows how good it is!

I have been growing my eyebrows out purely so I can have them threaded the day before I go and although I am questioning my decision on just taking a clear brow gel now as they are completely out of control, I am confident this is all I will need once they're done! I am taking the Benefit Ready, Set, Brow as this is the only clear brow gel that I have found that actually keeps my eyebrows in place without budging.

You know that mascara that gives you everything you want and more when it comes to lashes... that's what this mascara does for me and I couldn't go away without it. The Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara is an absolute dream - it adds extreme volume, it's jet black and it doesn't clump!

What are your top holiday picks?



  1. Ooh I so want to try that Loreal Hydra genius, looks so good! I wish by the Body Shop skin defence for my face as it is a SPF50!
    Nicole Nicoleannx x

    1. It's so lovely and refreshing on the skin, you must give it a go xx


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