Wednesday, 17 August 2016


MAC collaborations are the one thing I don't find myself drawn to on a regular basis, but GOOD LUCK TROLLS? I had to have it. It was honestly so difficult choosing a few products to buy as the whole collection is gorgeous but I settled with a lipstick, beauty powder and of course a reflects glitter!

Not only are the boxes extremely cute, the products are just perfect. I picked up the Satin Lipstick in Sushi Kiss, Reflects Glitter in Reflects Purple Duo and Beauty Powder in Play It Proper. They're definitely not the colours I tend to go for on a daily basis but I am so excited create a look with them! 

The Satin Lipstick in Sushi Kiss, £17.00 is super creamy when applied to the lips and lasts really well, of course just like any lipstick it does need to be re-applied throughout the day after eating. I just think the colour is so pretty.

Beauty Powder in Play It Proper, £24.00 is perfect for when i'm in a bit of a rush or i'm not wearing too much makeup as it doubles up as a highlighter and a blusher, it's the most gorgeous pearl pink and is the perfect way to finish any look.

Reflects Glitter in Reflects Purple Duo, £17.50 is absolutely stunning! When it said reflecting I didn't expect it to be as reflecting as it is. Under a light this glitter is incredible, as soon as I received it and swatched it on my hand I went straight back online and ordered the Reflects Transparent Teal and I cannot wait for it to arrive.

This collection is definitely a MAC collaboration worth getting your hands on - you can view the full range here.

What's your favourite MAC product?



  1. Omg these look insane! How have I never come across them before haha. Found your blog through Twitter! xo

  2. I had no idea that MAC ever collaborated with Trolls! The colour of that lipstick is absolutely gorgeous though!

    Lizzie xx

    1. It's so pretty isn't it! Perfect for the summer time xxx


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