Sunday, 18 June 2017


I don't think i'm the only one who feels their make up is incomplete without anything on their lips, am i? As well as taking a little time away from blogging due to my holiday, I have also taken time away from buying new make up products! Over the past few weeks I have been reaching for 3 lip products in particular which create the perfect ombre nude for every day.

Topshop Lip Contour in Frame is the perfect warm deep nude for every day and I absolutely adore formula of the Topshop Lip Contours as they are so incredibly smooth and long lasting. It's also perfect to keep in your bag to top up throughout the day if necessary as you can twist it up and not have to worry about it going blunt and not having a sharpener.

L'oreal Matte Lip Paint in Off-White is fairly new to my collection and I have been reaching for it so frequently! Paired with the Topshop liner it gives a really nice ombre look to the lips which I absolutely love as it's subtle and seamless. The finish of this Lip Paint through me off a bit as I thought it would dry down completely matte but on me it doesn't so instead I like to top it with a gloss.

Max Factor Colour Elixir Gloss in Pristine Nude has been in my makeup collection for years as it was one of the first lip products I ever purchased back in the day of dream matte mousse, glitter eyeliner and overly glossy lips - this was my go to! I let it slip to the back of my drawers as I bought new products and when I recently discovered it again I have been reaching for it daily as it's not overly sticky but gives a really lovely shine to the lips and is the perfect way to finish this lip combination.

Together these 3 are an absolute dream and I'll be sticking to them for a while longer. What are your favourite every day lip products?

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


As hard as I tried to walk away from these in Harvey Nichols telling myself I don't need anymore glitter - who am I kidding? One swatch and I was sold. I have never bought anything from Stila before but I have always heard such incredible reviews and after seeing Jaclyn Hill unbox these I needed them! As this was my first time trying the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow's I only picked up two shades - Bronzed Bell and Smoky Storm.

Stila have got these liquid eyeshadows absolutely spot on - they're extremely lightweight with incredible glitter pay off and absolutely no fall out! They are very similar to a liquid lipstick in the way that they apply as a water based product but then dry down and aren't prepared to budge anytime soon. I tend to apply these as a finishing touch to my eye looks rather than as a base just as I find they look the best that way. I'll apply my powder shadows first for my desired look and then depending on the result I want I will apply the glitter and blend if necessary. 

Bronzed Bell - Bronze with a touch of Silver & Copper.
Smoky Storm - Light Grey/Bronze and Silver

 Bronzed Bell

Smoky Storm

Don't get me wrong I am a huge glitter lover - when I have an opportunity to wear it, I'm going to! However I cannot stand the feeling of removing a glitter. I suffer from really dry eyes so the smallest thing agitates them and when I sometimes wear a loose glitter I have to really take my time when removing it. These Stila glitter's are the complete opposite, I am obviously still careful around my eye area but I find these so much more comfortable to remove as the glitter is slightly finer than a loose glitter so it glides off with a lot less scratching!

Although these aren't the cheapest glitter's on the market as they retail at £23 each - they are 100% worth giving a go as there is a lot of product so I can imagine these will last aaaages! The colours available are absolutely stunning so I will definitely be picking a few more of these up. 

 Before Flash

After Flash

Have you tried these Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow's? What were your thoughts?

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